Camp Poem #1 !


Nonsense World

If bricks were seeds and houses grew up from them,

And it was people that grew on trees….

And castles that were made of air floated through the sky,

That would be a nonsense world where everything was ridiclious.

By Owen, Blake, Audrey, Nicholas, Giselle and Kira




I crawled through a flowery tunnel to France and saw some


 grown up rainbow horsies eating carrots in their stalls. I


 thought they were really pretty and I wanted to play hide


and seek with them, so I did! I didn’t want to ride them


because there were some beautiful ladybugs. I am a fairy


princess and I wear a snow white dress and I like to fly on  a


ladybug to the Queen of England’s castle to eat ice cream


with her. In the afternoon I like to take a nap and eat banana


necklaces when I wake up. I like to take walks, play


 hopscotch and read The Hat In The Cat. One of my favorite


games is playing family – I like to be the Mama and my


 friends like to be the Dad, the dog, the sister and the baby.


We play this game for hours until it’s time for dinner. We


Have a feast of lasagne, polka dot sandwiches, chicken and


tamari rice,  cauliflower, and dirty sock soup.


Then it’s time for bed. I put on my pajama’s, brush teeth,


close curtains, have a bedtime story, cuddle a teddy called


Fuzz pull up the covers and go to sweep and hope we don’t


have a bad dream so I make sure that I don’t too much cheese and


think happy thoughts about Disneyland.


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