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Fun with Improv!


Alternative news reporters 😉

All Dramabee classes include an element of improvisation. This gives a chance for children to fully express themselves and revel in the play that is so important in acting. In the production workshops, improv provides a great tool for character development, encouraging the kids to try out new types of voices, accents and physicality to add depth to their character. Questions are asked of each character…where do you live? How old are you? Do you have a job? The use of costumes and props is particularly useful in liberating the children to create personalities that are far from their own. Improv is not to be underestimated in it’s value – in a show it can save the day…..Dramabee kids know this and are unafraid to use it confidently if lines are forgotten…..thus knowing that they can never go wrong, even in front of a big crowd and ‘mistakes’ can be magical!