Monthly Archives: January 2010

Where The Wild Things Are


This Wednesday brings the beginning of our “Where the wild things are” production workshop – this time bringing a very boy heavy cast. It should be very interesting! Last year I did this play with a large group of little girls – it was my first show with kids and was such fun that I just had to keep going! My friend Gina sent me this picture today.

Dramabee preschool babes!


I was so glad to get back into the swing of things again this week – starting gently with a wonderful workshop with my adorable preschool students. We started off with our usual vocal and physical warm up, sang and acted out some of their favorite songs and then they really surprised me by jumping right into a game of charades, It was their first time playing and it was a realĀ  hit – they can’t wait to play again next week, and we already know whose turn it is to go first! The class rounded up with some beautiful fantasy dancing with silk scarves, everybody was fully engaged and very happy -especially me!