DRAMABEE – acting workshops for kids!

Dramabee provides an exciting introduction to the world of acting and theatre to children- through play! It’s what they love to do and it’s what they do best, so by making both the workshops and performances a series of games we get to see these young actors performing with a vitality and spontaneity that is riveting to watch!

Performance Workshops During these workshops a creative process is established in which the children are encouraged to express themselves through storytelling, improvisation, and creative movement. From this wonderful beginning it is possible to help children develop their true potential as performers. They learn to create a character and also learn important theatrical techniques such as voice work and stage presence and build towards the ultimate reward – an ensemble production, live on stage!

Drama workshops These workshops provide a no pressure, confidence-building environment where children have the freedom to explore many different roles. They work on character development using props and costumes and also explore acting skills such as voice work, improvisation methods and relaxation techniques.

These workshops are filled with laughter, fun and drama games!……and can be taken on their own or as a support to the performance workshops.

Catherine Allison has been acting professionally for 20 years. She studied classical acting at Dartington College of Arts, England and then went on to take advanced classes in physical theatre in Paris, France with the legendary teacher Jacques Lecoq with whom she specialized in mask and clown work. She toured internationally in ensemble productions with professional acting troupes, performing in some of the most beautiful theatres in the world. Since becoming a mother, Catherine has turned her attention to working with children and has found that her unique, nurturing approach which harnesses their innate creativity and allows them to trust their instincts brings out the very best in them. Working with Catherine makes children feel stronger and more confident! Recent workshop productions include ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘The Gruffalo’. Her own clown character ‘Madame Chocolat’ – a quirky French chef, performs at parties and festivals was recently awarded Winner of the 2009 Nickelodeon Parent Picks Awards for Best Children’s Entertainer. For more details visit http://www.madamechocolate.com

Recent Testimonials:

“My daughter is 9 and she loves her Drama class. In the past she has been resistant about attending classes (gymnastics, dance)…but with Dramabee she wakes up on Wednesday all excited and comes out of her class with a huge grin on her face. I see her gaining confidence and truly blossoming. She can’t wait to be on stage! Thank you Catherine for providing such a professional program with such a playful spirit” Christine Lewicki

“My 8 year old daughters had a wonderful time at the drama camp! They loved EVERY minute of it and are looking forward to another fantastic experience next summer!” Ine Kutcher

“Catherine embodies the creativity, humor and thrill of theater. She patiently works with children to bring out their individual talents while nurturing their sense of community and camaraderie. Her productions are magical.” Shilpa Agarwal

Contact Catherine – catherine@madamechocolate.com – for registration details.

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