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DRAMABEE ‘mini’ series!


The kids from my ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ scene study class had so much fun that they wanted to keep going, and so did their younger siblings….sooooo……..
in the weeks leading up to the holidays I am offering two separate three week series (aimed at different age groups) to give your child’s unbounded enthusiasm and creative energy a positive outlet during this very exciting time for them!

As is the way with Dramabee, each class will present the opportunity for the children to express themselves verbally, mentally and physically…they will be seen, heard and valued for their individual contribution. The classes are as follows:

Monday 4:30 – 5:30pm Age 7-10 years December 1, 8 & 15 – ‘Drama Games!’ – in this class we will play theatrical warm up games and improv games giving the children a chance to create characters and work in groups. The second class will be held upstairs in the theater, giving the kids a chance to see and feel what it’s like to play on a real stage! Cost $75 + $5 towards the cost of the theater.

Thursday 4:30 – 5:30pm Ages 4 to 6 years December 4, 11 & 18 – ‘Storytellers Theater’- Each week we will take a different story and act it out…first of all everyone gets to play everything and then we get to break it down to give everyone a chance to play their favorite part! Cost $75


Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested.

All the best, Catherine

New Fall Series 2014!!!!!


The series is 10 weeks long (so ending November 17th or 24th depending on whether Columbus Day is a school holiday that we need to break for)

Beginning Tuesday September 16th, 4-5pm: Storybook Theater.This class is aimed at the 4-6 year old age range. Each week we will take a different story…some classics, some modern, read it and act it out. We will have fun exploring the characters all together and then split in to different roles, diving in to the acting on a deeper level, exploring the emotions of the characters and the fantasy world that they live in! No reading ability is required for this class. Cost $225

Beginning Monday Setember 15th, 4:15 – 5:15pm Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scene study class! This class is aimed at children between the ages of 7 to 10 years. During this series we will read the play adapted from the fabulous famous book by Roald Dahl. We will then split into groups and work on our favorite scenes, delving in to character study, emotion, vocal projection and physicality…the goal being to present the scenes at the end of the series. Cost $225.

All classes are held in the basement at The Electric Lodge. 1416, Electric Avenue, Venice CA 90291.

Fun with Improv!


Alternative news reporters 😉

All Dramabee classes include an element of improvisation. This gives a chance for children to fully express themselves and revel in the play that is so important in acting. In the production workshops, improv provides a great tool for character development, encouraging the kids to try out new types of voices, accents and physicality to add depth to their character. Questions are asked of each character…where do you live? How old are you? Do you have a job? The use of costumes and props is particularly useful in liberating the children to create personalities that are far from their own. Improv is not to be underestimated in it’s value – in a show it can save the day…..Dramabee kids know this and are unafraid to use it confidently if lines are forgotten…..thus knowing that they can never go wrong, even in front of a big crowd and ‘mistakes’ can be magical!

Summer Camp!


Sunny Happy Beach Days!Hip Hip Hooray!

Camp days begin Monday June 25th through Friday August 10th.

Kids can come for a day or a week at a time or do the whole camp. Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm…extended hours available at a $15 hourly rate. The main focus of the camp is kindness and friendship – we will add to that some exciting work with nonsense poetry, mask and puppetry! I have found that less pressure brings the greatest creative results – the children are therefore gently inspired with the themes  – leaving them the space to bring about their own natural genius.

In addition to keeping our theme in mind here are some examples of our activities;

Mask making – with paper mache

Stop motion animation


Make a sock puppet

Wacky races on the green (egg & spoon, 3 legged, obstacle etc!)

Make a friend – a pet rock!

Improv games

Swim in the pool

We will also make time to go to the beach and ride around the Marina….on scooters, have picnics in the park, make ice-cream sundaes (on Tuesday), and bake our own pizzas on Wednesdays, and have a grand old summer time!

The camp is ideally suited to children aged 5 to 12 years and there is a limit to 6 children (plus my daughter) per day….I often hire an assistant to help keep things super calm and relaxed. It is very important to me that all participants needs are met at all times. We also have a small, calm, hypo-allergenic Cockapoo puppy named Nana who usually stays out of the way – but is also a joyful addition to our camp – she likes to accompany us on our inspirational walks 🙂

Day rate; $65
Weekly rate: $275
Whole camp weekly rate: $250

Camp Poem #1 !


Nonsense World

If bricks were seeds and houses grew up from them,

And it was people that grew on trees….

And castles that were made of air floated through the sky,

That would be a nonsense world where everything was ridiclious.

By Owen, Blake, Audrey, Nicholas, Giselle and Kira




I crawled through a flowery tunnel to France and saw some


 grown up rainbow horsies eating carrots in their stalls. I


 thought they were really pretty and I wanted to play hide


and seek with them, so I did! I didn’t want to ride them


because there were some beautiful ladybugs. I am a fairy


princess and I wear a snow white dress and I like to fly on  a


ladybug to the Queen of England’s castle to eat ice cream


with her. In the afternoon I like to take a nap and eat banana


necklaces when I wake up. I like to take walks, play


 hopscotch and read The Hat In The Cat. One of my favorite


games is playing family – I like to be the Mama and my


 friends like to be the Dad, the dog, the sister and the baby.


We play this game for hours until it’s time for dinner. We


Have a feast of lasagne, polka dot sandwiches, chicken and


tamari rice,  cauliflower, and dirty sock soup.


Then it’s time for bed. I put on my pajama’s, brush teeth,


close curtains, have a bedtime story, cuddle a teddy called


Fuzz pull up the covers and go to sweep and hope we don’t


have a bad dream so I make sure that I don’t too much cheese and


think happy thoughts about Disneyland.