Drama Games


This class was such a hoot today – we split into groups and played charades with great enthusiasm, and then brought out the costumes and props, which is when the fun really began. The children chose accessories to help them create a character, everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and then we made up a story around them – this one was the tale of a witch with an evil cackle who created potions from poisonous candy and with her accomplice, dressed in star shaped glasses and cat ears, lured her victims (several cats, a lion, a reindeer some princesses and Mr. Pink Panther) into her dungeon…not always without a fight. Then along came a pair of delicate fairies who were capable of setting the captors free with a wave of their magic wand. In the meantime one of the cats turned into a bunny – half cat/half bunny who then transformed into a wizard and the last I saw she was prancing about wearing a very long nose, It was entertaining to say the least!

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